too many Pods

Asked December 5, 2017, 9:45 AM EST

WE have a series of Honey Locust trees on our property,they are fully mature and the degree and
number of pods they shed in one season is staggering,we acquired them with the property purchase,I can't
imagine what would possess anyone for wanting to plant such a tree,perhaps to torment a neighbor,lol, Is their any treatment or method to minimize
or eradicate them,short of cutting them down,because the thought has entered our minds,because
the clean up goes on all fall and winter even into spring. Thanks

Monroe County New York

1 Response

While the pod production of your honey locust trees may vary from year to year, there is nothing that you can do to affect their productivity. Many people like these trees for the dappled light that allows grass to grow underneath as well as their shape, sturdiness, tolerance of poor soil and winter salt. Some people even like the pods though many share your exhaustion with the clean up. If you decide that you like the trees and not the pods, there are pod-free cultivars readily available.