Getting rid of puffball mushrooms

Asked December 4, 2017, 9:13 PM EST

In the last month, several square feet of my back yard have become covered with what I refer to as puffball mushrooms. It is in a very shady portion of my yard where grass does not grow well. When I touch the mushrooms, they give off a puff of dark green. I presume that these are spores. I have tried Roundup and bleach to get rid of them. Neither works. And unlike normal mushrooms, they don't seem to go away on their own. What should I do to get rid of them? Thank you very much. (I have attached a picture. The round object in the picture is a quarter.)

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There are many varieties of puffball mushrooms. These may be mini puffballs. Like all mushrooms, they pop up only when conditions, temperature and moisture are just right. With our rainy year, this year was a good one for mushrooms.
If you don't like to see them you can dig them up or rake them out. Like all mushrooms, they do eventually go away. (Round-Up didn't work because it only works on plants with green tissues.)
Mushrooms are a natural part of the decomposition process.
The puffballs you are seeing are the fruiting bodies of a fungus. This fungus is a common soil fungus that decomposes dead organic matter.
They are harmless, but do avoid breathing a lot of the spores, which could be irritating.