Strange Bugs under bed where cat sleeps

Asked December 4, 2017, 5:04 PM EST

Found these two bugs and a shell of a bug under the bed where our cat tends to sleep. We live in a area that has a problem with deer and I recently lost a dog to lyme disease and have also had it myself 3 years ago but since have been treating the yard the best I can. The all black one looks like a dermestid beetles, the shell of one has wicked legs and the orange one has black dots on the from similar to a dog tick.

Anne Arundel County Maryland insect or spider id beneficial insects and pollinators beetles under bed

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Don't worry. These are all harmless and are not ticks. They are various beetles that sometimes accidentally make it into our homes.
Your first photo shows what we'd commonly call a ladybug, which are beneficial insects that eat other outdoor pests. Here is a page on them, where you can see those matching front end markings:
The other two are beetles that are found in our landscapes.

We understand your concern about deer ticks and lyme disease.
We don't generally recommend treating the lawn with pesticides, but rather take an approach of personal protection, including drops for your outdoor pets.
Here is our page on ticks (note that they are related to spiders and so have 8 legs):


Oh wow it is a lady bug thank you for the update and putting my mind at ease