Mature Tree death

Asked December 4, 2017, 4:37 PM EST

We have lived on 2 acre parcel in Carroll Co. for 20 years which backs to a large wooded area. It was heavily wooded 20 years ago. Storms have taken there toll but over the last few years we have be losing large mature oak trees at an alarming rate. 50% of the large trees have been lost. What ever is killing them seems to spread from tree to tree. The trees will look fine and the within days brown out and die. This does not seem to be limited to our property or neighborhood. We had a service drop some of the dead ones a couple of years ago and he mentioned leaf hoppers and sudden oak death. Is there anything we can do to minimize the damage being done? Thank you

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We are hearing more of this.
It definitely is not Sudden Oak Death. That has not been found in Maryland.
Here is a page where our plant pathologist discusses some of the possible culprits, mainly Bacterial Leaf Scorch disease:, which has been growing.

Sometimes though, it is a variety of stress factors over a long time that weakens the trees so that they succumb more readily to disease or pests. That we would term "Oak Decline". You can read more about that here: