Water Saturated Lawn

Asked December 4, 2017, 2:01 PM EST

Have an area in my front yard where a tree was removed about four years ago. That area has become water saturated to a depth of about 2 feet. I had Aurora Water check and there is no water leak that they could find. What can I do to get this area to dry out.

Arapahoe County Colorado

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It seems that you might never get your front yard to dry out until you determine the source of the water. Since the weather in Denver has been so dry the last few months, it is unlikely that your problem is the result of precipitation.

You said that Aurora Water came out to check for a water leak. Did they look for a leak in the line that goes from the street to your house? Do you have a sprinkler system that could be leaking? If so, did you have that checked out also?

Do you know anything about the water table in your neighborhood? Is your front yard in a low lying area that is surrounded by higher ground?

If you could reply to the above questions and possibly attach several pictures of your yard, it would be helpful in beginning to address your problem. Thanks!

Aurora Water checked at the meter and found no leaks. From the meter to my house is my responsibility but they said that if the line from the meter to my house was leaking the dial on the meter should indicate water flow and it wasn't. I have included three pictures. Two show the area of concern with a yellow rope circled around it. The third shows the yellow rope in a line from the meter to my house. My yard slopes upward from the street. I am not in a low laying area and not near a flood plain.The only area of the yard with saturation lies inside the circled yellow rope. I do not have an in ground sprinkler system. I can tell you that last spring the city replaced the sewer line on my street and this line is close to the side walk on my side of the street.

Possible leak in new sewer line? Careful digging in the area might reveal the source of the water. Call 811 to mark any underground lines before digging.