Where can I take a Farm Endorsement (drivers lic.) Training Course

Asked December 3, 2017, 4:29 PM EST

Hi. I got the Oregon Y- Farm Endorsement for my Oregon driver's license this past Summer. The endorsement was given to me by filling out an application, paying a $30 fee, and having my farmer employer sign a paper. No driving test, no written test, no doctors note of physical fitness, no drug test. I drove the dump trailer and semi for my employer, about a dozen times, loaded with 20 tons of green beans or sweet corn, to the processing plant 45 - 60 minutes from the farm. For one of the plants, most of the driving is on I-5. The training I received on the 9 speed transmission was " on the job" from the farmer. I decided, with no incident, to stop the driving as I felt I lacked training to safely continue to operate the truck. I am wondering, after an unsuccessful search of my own, where I can receive more training as an ag products transporter outside of paying the $5000 plus to go to a professional CDL school. It seems odd to me that there would not be a course available to folks like me who want a professional introduction to semi driving, for the purposes of driving under the Farm Endorsement. There are so many requirements for CDL applicants, and NONE for Farm endorsement drivers! Please let me know if you have any resources to share. If there is nothing outside of the professional CDL schools in the area, allow me to request the Extension offer a course for Farm Endorsement Drivers in the area. For the safety of all drivers on the road! Thanks- Lindsey Morris @ Kenagy Family Farm in Albany

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Thank you for the awareness and request for driving safety resources for driving trucks for agricultural use. I am not aware of any training opportunities available through OSU Extension Service or any other organization at this time. OSU College of Agriculture Science does have some other safety resources available at: https://agsci.oregonstate.edu/research/safety-and-compliance/agricultural-safety-training-resources

I feel this might be the best group to contact with your request. I will facilitate communication with this group and would like to include you in the process. Would you please email me so that I may have your direct contact information?