Horse manure to condition soil

Asked December 1, 2017, 11:40 PM EST

Hello. I brought tons of dirt to fill in back yard from person who dug out foundation. The soil seems fairly sandy. I would like to plant grass- obviously in the spring but I wanted to use aged (1 yr) horse manure to amend the soil before the spring. Would you recommend using horse manure? Below are 2 types of weeds that are on the pile.


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Weeds can be an issue with any manure. Horses pass a lot of seeds and do not digest them. In general, cow and sheep manure usually have less weed seeds. Another option is Leafgro, composted leaves and yard debris from central MD.
If the horse manure is all you have, go ahead and use it. Any organic matter you have is fine.
Here is our publication on Soil Amendments
and Lawn Establishment