Asked December 1, 2017, 1:52 PM EST

how much sulfer is required to lower 1 cu ft of soils ph 1.0

Montrose County Colorado

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I have contacted our soil specialist. I know for every .1 pH it is like 1000 times more so I know the answer will be high. What are you trying to grow?

What are you trying to grow? So the amount you have to add is dependent on the type of soil you have and the rate of pH at which you start.. See chart within and divide by 100 to get to 1 cf. Consider also that our Water is high pH.

This handout may also be beneficial.

thank you for the timely response. Science based and not just opinion. 2 good publications. I do not understand why sulfur amendment is not recommended with free lime present in 1st pub. but is recommended in page 4 of sodic soil pub.? Is there a viable reason free lime can not be amended?
I did not check the ph of my ditch water (good point thanks) but the sediment is not alkaline (didn't test for acid) so wouldn't it seem the water is neutral probably?

Our water, domestic or irrigation, is usually around a pH of 8.0. I've seen as high as 8.2.

I am out sick today. Call our soil specialist, Seth Urbanski, at 970-874-2195 and he can respond to the rest

I haven't been able to connect with Seth
but ?#2...
What pre emerg do recommend for bare ground fence rows /parking area that a non-licensed can buy?


Depends what weed you are trying to control. The weed should be listed on the page of the product you are using. For Kochia, I have had good success using Pendulum. And read the instructions as that one needs to be watered in which is hard prior to irrigation season. It is available in a liquid form.