Plant tulip bulbs in a large pot outside instead of in the garden?

Asked November 29, 2017, 10:20 PM EST

If one plants tulip bulbs or daffodil bulbs in a pot outdoors in the fall, will they survive the winter and bloom in the spring? I was wondering if, being in a pot, would this cause the bulbs to be more sensitive to the cold temperatures of winter, and perhaps freeze? If this is possible, is there any special care that should be taken, such as watering frequency, or type of plant fertilizer to be applied, while in the pot?

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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The best way to overwinter bulbs planted in containers is in an unheated garage, where bulbs are will receive the necessary period of chilling, yet are protected from repeated freezing and thawing. You also can submerge entire containers directly into garden soil. The surrounding soil will protect the bulbs from temperature extremes.
If these are not options, you can try to overwinter the bulbs outdoors by moving the containers to a protected spot, grouping the containers together so they insulate each other and topping them with mulch and wrapping them with insulating material such as bubble wrap.

Tulips and other bulbs need good drainage, so use containers with drainage holes and a good quality potting mix. Containers placed outdoors year-round are best made of materials other than pottery that won't crack due to the expansion of freezing soil.

per Judy K. (CO. MG)