Distillers Syrup

Asked November 29, 2017, 12:24 PM EST

distillers syrup is a cheap byproduct of producing bourbon, allowing for a plausible cost effective feeding solution for cattleman. But what risks are associated with this product ? can it throw off rumen Ph ?can it be self fed ? etc.

Pendleton County Kentucky

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Thank you for reaching out. As a starting point I encourage you to refer the following publication from the University of Kentucky. The distilling and brewing industry in Kentucky is most certainly booming and offers a great opportunity for Kentucky Livestock Producers. The following publication balances the pros and cons of feeding wet byproducts to cattle.

A balanced ration for beef cattle is required for good nutrition, and distillers syrup will require diet supplementation. I would be happy to assist you with balancing a ration for your cattle, taking into consideration your operation and incorporating distillers syrup.

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