Lyme Disease expert doctor & lab in Louisville, KY?

Asked November 28, 2017, 3:58 PM EST

My wife's PCP has sent her to specialists in fibromyalgia, lupus, psoriatic arthritis, etc, but now he seems to have narrowed her growing problems down to Lyme Disease, which was reported as "positive" by Lab Corp here in Louisville. However, when he referred her to an infectious disease specialist, the diagnosis was rejected out of hand and the test labeled a "false positive" due to complex techniques needed that are not used in KY labs where this disease is non-existent. Basically, we were flat-out told that there is no Lyme Disease in KY, and don't waste their time. This feeling seems to be prevalent, as the Univ of Louisville Med School and prominent local hospitals chains refer you to out-of-state facilities that have expertise in this disease. Additionally, the Univ of KY Entomology Dept agrees that KY has no Deer Ticks (but you could travel and bring it back). The local Lyme Disease Assn claims thousands of verified cases being covered-up. In a nationwide class action lawsuit (50 million dollars) the CDC has reportedly admitted they really have no idea how many Lyme Disease cases are not documented each year, as it's hard to pin down/test for. We've been advised that the best of all worlds would be for us to find a Louisville Infectious Disease Specialist who has practiced in the northeast and gained expertise in this disease, which is very prominent there. We also need a lab that can do the CDC's recommended multi-step testing required for reliability. Any ideas or help you can offer would be appreciated. She has fought this battle for two rough years and damage is growing. Thanks, Jim

Jefferson County Kentucky

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I'm so sorry to hear of your wife's problems.

I'm also sorry that we can't be of more help, but Extension doesn't perform human diagnostic testing like you are describing. We don't have a list of labs or doctors that we can give you. The only thing I can recommend is to try the health department or a licensing board to locate the specialists you described above.