White mushroom growing on maple tree bark

Asked November 27, 2017, 4:32 PM EST

Dear Gardening Expert, I have an old maple tree (must be over 30 years old now, I imagine). It had less leaves than newer trees, but it did provide a fair canopy in the past year. We started noticing while mushroom growing on one of the branches. and it seems to be spreading fast to the top of the tree. I am attaching 2 pictures here. Is this something we can cure? Or is it a sign the tree is not in good health and either the limb or the tree needs to be taken down? Thanks very much,

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1 Response

The fungi is a wood decay fungi that is breaking down wood that is already dead. It is not the cause of the decay. It is part of the natural decomposition process.

Remove the dead limb and any other dead portions of the tree. From the photographs, it's not possible to determine what caused the wood decay in the first place.