Cedar Apple Rust

Asked November 27, 2017, 1:08 PM EST

Hello, We planted a couple apple trees last year and noticed cedar apple rust on the trees this year. The trees did produce a few apples this year--with spots on them, insides looked fine. I guess there are some affected cedars on a nearby property. We don't personally have cedars, but it sounds like they just need to be within a certain distance. Anyhow, I am wondering if the apple trees are a loss, or if there is something(s) we can do to help our trees and when and how often we should do whatever is recommended. Thank you for your help.

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Your best bet is to plant resistant or highly disease resistant varieties. Since you have not invested too much time in these trees yet, that's still an attractive option.

Here is our webpage on cedar apple rust: https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/diseases-apples-and-pears There is a link for the recommend spray schedule.

This past summer was fairly wet and conducive to fungal diseases. If you do nothing to address the disease issue directly (other than keeping the tree healthy), you may find that in some years, which are dry at the right time, the trees won't have much disease. Other years, disease pressure may be high.

It all comes down to how much time, effort and money you want to invest in your apple crop.