Pruning fig tree

Asked November 27, 2017, 10:21 AM EST

Pruning fig tree. My figtree has now been frostbitten. All the leaves are drooping. May I print it? I am not here in March to prune it before the buds begin

Howard County Maryland

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Usually figs are pruned in late March or early April. Remove dead and damaged wood, interior branches, low-growing laterals and weak root suckers. Heading cuts in early spring encourage branching.

You can also prune when the tree is dormant (when it drops its leaves and the sap flow will be less).
Here is our website and blog on figs and ideas for winter protection.


My question to Georgia actors included the fact that I am not here in January February or March. So, I asked, know that my tree has been frostbitten and the leaves are dead, can I prune. However I see new buds on the end of several branches.

Eckers, not actors

Prune, not print. I need to read what I dictate before sending

We understood.

Yes, you can probably prune now (assuming your fig is dormant). You said that the leaves were drooping but still on the tree. You may want to wait a few days until the leaves drop, but the important thing is that the tree is not going to be stimulated to put out new, tender growth vulnerable to winter kill.

Here is a great blog post from our Maryland Grows blog that addresses pruning: