Yam cultivation

Asked November 26, 2017, 8:01 PM EST

I have sprouted an organic yam. The foliage is about 6” tall with 5-6 main stems and a well developed root system also about 6”. Can I just plant this in loose soil, protected from frost or does it need a mound? Thanks, MaryJo Louise.

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Hi MaryJo,

Yams are a warm season crop so if you plant your start it must be in a warm soil without a threat of frost. The best soil to plant yams in is a sandy loam that has a high organic matter content. Mounding the soil helps to create good drainage for the developing tubers. Unless you have a greenhouse to grow this in, I would suggest waiting until May to plant the start. If this is in a greenhouse and you are careful about how you water, you could grow a yam without mounding the soil. Just make sure you have at least 12-18 inches of depth to the soil or pot so the tubers have good space to develop.