care of grass seeded in late November

Asked November 26, 2017, 2:32 PM EST

Following work on my house, the contractor graded and seeded a lawn area damaged by his equipment. My question is whether I should water the grass now or let the seeds sit as is and hope for the best. I am concerned that the grass seeds will germinate and the resulting plants will be frozen. The seeded area is covered by straw. Please let me know you advice. Thanks. Harold Weinberg Lexington KY

Fayette County Kentucky

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Considering the time of year that it is, my best advice is to not bother with watering and just let nature take it's course. As soon as the seed gets enough moisture it will germinate. There are many scenarios as to how it can play out from there and you are right to be concerned about the plants freezing. It might germinate and grow for a little bit, looking like a good stand of grass, but then the frost and freezing temps will slowly kill it off. It might germinate and immediately succumb to the cold and you never see it. But the end result is usually the same, in that the area will be sparse and thin next year. Just plan on needing to overseed/re-seed that area next spring. Don't hesitate to call us directly at the Fayette Extension Office for any further questions or advice. (859) 257-5582. Thanks!

Thank you!