Storing spring bulbs

Asked November 24, 2017, 9:09 PM EST

Hi. We purchased quite a number of spring bulbs from a nursery, but due to a variety of reasons couldn't get them planted this fall. We certainly don't want to lose them, so we are wondering if they can be stored over winter in our freezer, then planted in early spring. Would this storage option impact the bulbs in any way? Also, if we follow through with this method, would they actually bloom the same spring they were planted? The bulbs are tulips and daffodils. The soil is well drained and sandy, in a partly shaded area. We live in Oak Grove. Thank you!

Anoka County Minnesota

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The bulbs will be destroyed if you store them in a freezer.

If the ground isn't frozen, plant them outside immediately. Then cover them with several inches of straw or hay. Remove the cover in early spring.

If it isn't possible to plant the bulbs outdoors, "force" them using the methods described here:

Generally speaking, spring flowering bulbs that have been grown in pots can not be successfully planted outdoors for future bloom. It's best to dispose of them after the flowers have faded.