Wild pear tree?

Asked November 23, 2017, 10:15 PM EST

I wonder if you can assist me. I live in Grant county and have a very large fruiting tree on my property. I am guessing the tree over 40' tall, and each year produces masses of large roundish fruit. They look similar to Asian pears in that the skin is dry and brownish, but the flesh is very hard, the skin is very astringent, and there are "nodules" interspersed within the flesh. They are not good eating pears, and due to the "nodules", I have had no luck trying to make jam or butter from them. Fortunately they are good for wine-making, so each year I make a few dozen bottles once the pears ripen in November. This year I tried making pear jelly from the juice and it seems to work. I am wondering if this is indeed a pear? I've attached a photo of some of the fruit. My husband's childhood home in Kenton county had this same type of tree in his yard, and his family called them "winter pears". Any information you can provide would be useful. Thank you.

Grant County Kentucky

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Chinese pear, Japanese pear or Asian pear. This tree has many names and is actually the fruiting cousin of the Bradford. These trees are an invasive species and are recommended to be removed from the landscape due to the spread and limited control of the trees. Dispersement and spread is most visible in the spring where highway right of ways are covered with this tree.