mowed down rose of sharon by accident

Asked November 23, 2017, 5:52 PM EST

I accidentally mowed down 3 purple pillar rose of sharons on Thanksgiving day.They were planted in june of this year.By fall,they were about a foot tall and had a few flowers.This variety is narrow and tall.Will they grow back in the spring. If so,when could I expect to see new growth.Will they grow narrow and tall still.

Natrona County Wyoming

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Rose of Sharon is a branching shrub and should not be expected to grow upright unless it is pruned to keep a single stem form. It is not like hollyhock that only sends up one stem, it is a shrub and will over time send up multiple stems and branch on individual stems.

The shrub can be pruned, so I doubt the mowing will have killed it, but it may encourage branching of the remaining stem. You can prune the sprouts that come up next spring to a form that you like.