Liquid manure testing equipment for K ( Potassium )

Asked November 22, 2017, 8:08 PM EST

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, We find it somehow difficult to source test equipment which can be used to test Potassium level according methods GB- 11904-89 in liquid manure. We can test Total N and Ammonium Nitrogen, P, PH in our lab in liquid manure but not K and would need this data to have the most important elements tested in our liquid manure as well in our liquid coming out from the biodigestor -would be grateful if you could provide us some reputable suppliers for this test equipment which we will need in our china farms operations to establish nutrient value for liquid manure application to land / crops .

Outside United States

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The standard laboratory methods for potassium analysis utilize atomic absorption spectroscopy, inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy, and colorimetry.

Summaries of the procedures are available in “Recommended Methods of Manure Analysis” available at

Another option is the use of NIR real time measurements (e.g., John Deere manure sensing equipment) on a manure applicator.