Fig Tree Wintering

Asked November 21, 2017, 10:21 AM EST

We planted a fig tree, Chicago Hardy, 2 years ago. It is doing well. It is around 3 feet high and wide. We are wondering what we need to do to have it survive a cold winter. It has been recommended that we encase it in leaves, so we put our ground up leaves around the tree just before the first frost, intending to remove the dried leaves in the spring and use them for compost. However, others have suggested this might not be good for the tree because it might lead to mold and insect damage. What do you think? Will this be harmful? Is there a better way to protect the tree from a long cold spell?

Baltimore County Maryland

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Take a look at this Fig page from our website:

Some people literally stack black plastic bags full of leaves all around and on top of their figs to protect them.
Encircling your fig with wire fencing and then stuffing the interior well with leaves is also a good choice. You can cap the top of the enclosure with plastic or some other material that will shed rain and snow and keep things drier if you like.
Let's hope for a winter on the mild side.