little cob webs

Asked November 20, 2017, 4:41 PM EST

I see very thin cob webs close to my plants, i do not see who makes them, but even when i remove them they come back. What can i do. Thank you very much. bob

Bucks County Pennsylvania

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Hi Bob,

I wouldn't worry too much about thin cob webs. Could be a number of small, harmless to you, and very helpful web-weaving spiders setting traps to catch insects - insects that might actually be pests to your plants!

If the webs really bother you, just continue to remove them when you see them by either wiping them away or vacuuming them up. Eventually the spider will get tired of rebuilding and move on. But remember, if you eliminate the predator (spider) then you inherit its job (killing the pest). Sometimes, it best just to leave nature to do the work.