Asters in November

Asked November 19, 2017, 12:22 PM EST

Hello, I have one purple aster in my house. What are my options for what to do with my aster now that it is November? I know it is late in the fal. I am not remembering the full story about what I can do with my aster now. I do not have enough light in my windows to have thrive over the winter in the hourse. Is it too late to plant deep in the ground this November? The ground has frozen many times already this fall. Can I keep it in a paper bag in the basement over the winter? Other options? Thanks SOOO much. May you have a wonderful day.

Ramsey County Minnesota over-wintering chrysanthemums horticulture

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Thank you for the question. In order to help you, could you please answer a few questions?
1. Where did you get this plant?
2. Is it an aster, or a mum? Mums are very popular indoor plants right now. They are grown in a greenhouse and you can't place them outdoors now.
3. A photo of the plant would be great.

Thanks Anita.
1. Gift
2. Garden mum. Chrysatheme- grapeberry.
3. Attached photo. Finally getting water.

Since it is a mum, it has to stay indoors. We do not have a lot of light by our house windows.
Thank you for your suggestions.

Thank you so much for the additional information. Your mum isn't hardy in our growing zone 4b so can't survive winter outdoors. Some nursery mums will overwinter but usually flower too late for our area. These are often treated as annuals.
Your plant looks well past its prime and may not survive. If you want, you could try cutting it down to a few inches from the soil, leave it in the pot, and put it in a cool (around 50 degrees), dark place for the winter. Check on the plant regularly and keep the soil just slightly moist. After you're sure there will be no more frosts next spring, move the plant out to the garden, gradually lengthening the time each day.

Thank you Anita. I will try cutting it down and keep in cool darkness (basement) and slightly damp.
May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!