Is it Mold making us sick?

Asked November 17, 2017, 7:35 PM EST

My question is; Is it Mold in my house that is making me and my family sick? I have an autoimmune disease and I’ve been really sick for almost a year getting worse instead of better. My doctors have either labeled me insane or have told me they just don’t know. My children have gotten terrible allergies within the past year that no allergy medicine can fix. My oldest has a terrible rash/itching skin. We have all had many colds, virus, you name it. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital in September. I wanted to throw in the towel on it all but the thought finally hit me. Maybe it’s not us maybe it’s our house! This all seemed to happen and/or get worse after moving in last July. I will post pictures. I’m just not sure what my pictures are showing. Mold? Mildew? Wood Rot? Something else? I’m frustrated and I am desperate for some help.

Pender County North Carolina household mold

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Thank you so much for your note. I am not able to determine from this distance whether your issue is mold, wood decaying fungi, or some other issue. Also, I am not a medical professional, so I am unable to diagnose your specific situation.

What I can share with you is that if you have mold in your environment, it can make you sick. Those individual with respiratory issues and compromised immune systems tend to be more susceptible to health effects of mold. Not all who are exposed to mold, however, get sick. Unlike other contaminants in the environment (such as lead, radon, etc.), there is not known threshold for mold and people respond to exposures in different ways.

Here is a link to USEPA's site that addresses health issues and mold.

Another link that might be helpful to you relates to professionals who work in the mold arena.

My suggestion would be to review this information to learn a little more about mold. I would also suggest that you have a professional come out and inspect your home for mold -- you could use a restoration service, a general contractor, or someone from the environmental hygiene area.

Given that you are in Kentucky, another good source of information might be the following:
Environmental Management Branch
275 E. Main St., HS1C-D
Frankfort, Kentucky 40621
Phone: (502) 330-7676
Jessica Davenport

Here is a link to the Environmental Management Branch in Kentucky:

I hope this helps you determine a course of action for your particular issue.