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Asked November 17, 2017, 10:57 AM EST

Hello I have a question about my Magnolia and after reading this note, if you could direct to proper person to answer my question I would greatly appreciate it. I live in Plymouth MN and have had a beautiful Magnolia tree for about 10 years. It flowers every year and even some in the summer. This fall the leaves turned brown like they do but have not fallen off the tree. Strong winds do not seem to disturb the leaves and I am a bit concerned that they are not dropping. We had a concrete brick wall built about 15 feet from the tree and with that, they were cutting the cement block with a saw creating much dust in the air. I am a bit concerned that the concrete dust could have done something to the tree preventing the leaves from falling. Do you have any ideas or suggestions or should I not be concerned. Thank you for your time Kathy Severson 3825 Minnesota Lane No Plymouth MN 55446 612-670-7169

Hennepin County Minnesota magnolia leaf retention

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Many Twin Cities area trees and shrubs still hold leaves that normally fall in October. Why? Following is the answer to a similar question posed by a Colorado resident in 2014. What is said in the answer there also applies to Minnesota.

Despite your magnolia's arrested leaf drop, it's likely that most of the leaves will fall this winter or in early spring and the tree will grow normally after that.

Some deciduous tree species such as red oak, American beech, hornbeam and witch-hazel habitually retain their leaves over winter. Go here to learn about that: