Hi, My name is Adam and I am a 7th grader doing a science project on water...

Asked November 15, 2017, 8:23 PM EST

Hi, My name is Adam and I am a 7th grader doing a science project on water filtration. I am testing a commercial instant sip filtration type product with tap water with a homemade water filter. Can you provide any coliform bacteria kits to test drinking water safety? Or do you sell them at a good price. I am in Columbus, Ohio so my mom or dad could come pick them up at an office there at campus. Thank you very much. Please respond on my parents email below.

Franklin County Ohio

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Hi Adam,
This sounds like a great project! I work in Virginia, and if you were closer I could definitely help you, but Ohio is pretty far away. Do you have access to an incubator at your school that would hold a temperature of 35 degrees C? If you do, I could send you a few colilert bottles and kits to use to test there.
If you don't have an incubator, you might try contacting my friend Lisa at lhirsh@aquagenx.com. She works with a company called AquaGenx and sometimes will send a few field kits (that don't require an incubator) to someone like you.
If this doesn't work, email me back at wellwater@vt.edu and I will see if I can try to figure out another option for you.

Good luck!

Erin Ling
Water Quality Extension Associate
Biological Systems Engineering Virginia Tech