mancozeb application

Asked November 15, 2017, 6:46 AM EST

I have a packet of mancozeb that reads 1.5-2kg per 750 ltrs of water per ha.what formula can I use to find how many grams I can put in 10 ltrs of water.

Outside United States

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To answer this you need to set up a simple relationship equation. If you want to apply mancozeb at 2 kg per acre, you must convert kg to grams. 2 kg = 2000 grams.
Set up the equation as below:

2000 g Y g
---------- = ---------
750 L 10 L

The equation does not save in the system well. It is 2000 g over 750 L equals Y g over 10 L.

Then you cross multiply and solve for Y: 750 x Y = 2000 x 10.