Pruning perennial shrubs

Asked November 14, 2017, 3:42 PM EST

I have several perennial shrubs that are one year old and I wish to prune them to maintain nice shapes. When is the proper time to prune these shrubs? They are St.John's wort, gemo hypericum, spirea, weigela, and potentilla shrubs I also have a number of mature day lilies and question if I should prune the seed pods that form each year after the lilies have bloomed. If I want to prevent the pods from opening and seeding more lilies, should I prune the pods each year?

Le Sueur County Minnesota pruning shrubs

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Generally, if it blooms in the spring on new growth from the past year you prune it right after blooming. If it blooms on new years growth you can prune it early in the spring before growth begins. Here is a link to more detailed info about pruning. . It is good to remove the seed pods from lilies rather than have the plant waste energy producing seeds.