vinca alternative

Asked November 14, 2017, 2:10 AM EST

I have an embankment to cover with soil holding groundcover and would like something like vinca but that does not have its invasive character. What can you recommend.

Washington County Oregon

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Mulch and appropriate planting is a great way to protect a sloped area in your landscape. Kinnikinnick and our native strawberries come to mind, also multiple native fern, depending on your height requirements. The higher the foliage, the more weeds will be covered and crowded out, reducing maintenance. Mulch is also critical for weed control and holding moisture. A reality is that no matter which plants sound good, you need to find them, and so involve your landscaper or area nurseries to choose from options actually available. OSU Extension offers information online as Gardening Tips. I searched groundcovers and found articles providing more details and links to University publications. The articles about native groundcover, choosing mulch, and wild strawberry especially will be useful.