some kind of cabage or brocoli?

Asked November 13, 2017, 1:34 PM EST

Several years ago I grew sprouting broccoli in my garden. This year I dug up much of the lawn not far from where the broccoli had been. Before I reseeded the dug up ground, plants that looked a little bit like the spouting broccoli were appearing. They didn't produce spouts, but the leaves were so similar that I wondered if they are some sort of cabbage. In Ireland they have a vegetable called spring cabbage with leaves that look very much like those on the mystery plant. So my question is what is the plant and is it edible?

Washington County Oregon

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It probably is broccoli but it isn't producing florets for a number of reasons. The first may have to do with timing. Broccoli is a cool weather plant but you may just want to be patient. It may still produce a central floret. Other possibilities are the roots are constrained or damaged. Even if it is broccoli, the leaves are edible, just like kale, as well as the stems.