Wasp Sprays vs. other critters

Asked November 13, 2017, 12:19 PM EST

Will wasp sprays kill other animals when used as directed? Since you spray wasp nests from 10' or more, there is a lot of overspray on the ground. Can I assume that unless I directly spray a critter, that they will not get enough poison to kill them?

New York

1 Response

It depends on the critter. If it is an insect or other small invertebrate, it could kill them. For mammals and birds, it is not considered safe, that includes humans.
When you apply any pesticide, you need to follow the label and take precautions to prevent non target organisms from contacting the spray. Do not spray on days where the wind can blow the material off target. This time of year, most wasp species are dead or dying. The only ones that remain are the queens which will hibernate. A flyswatter or rolled up newspaper is sufficient to deal with them if they are within striking distance and are presenting a problem.

You should avoid contact with the spray. It is a poison, and maybe it will not be immediately harmful but you should always use the material in a way that does not contact unintended organisms. Long term damage may be possible.

Read the label for the particular material you are using and follow it.