Overwintering a Peruvian Lily

Asked November 13, 2017, 2:43 AM EST

I planted a Peruvian Lily in a pot in the spring and it bloomed all summer and fall outdoors. When nights got cold, I brought it into the garage and the blooms died. I cut them back. Can I keep it in the garage or does it need to be in the house that's heated? How iften do I water it? How do I iverwinter it so it will. Lom again next summer? I love its flowers!!

Lane County Oregon lilies

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Thanks for your question about your lily (Alstroemeria aurea). Here is a link to a description of the plant. Do you know what USDA zone you are in? (Lane County varies from zone 4a on its east border to 8a on the west. You can plug in your zip code to find out here.) It makes a difference only because this lily is hardy only in zones 7 to 10, so your garage might be too cold if you're in a zone below 7 (with extreme historical low winter temperature down to 0 deg F.) As you can see from the article, in zones below 7, you need to bring it indoors and water sparingly. I'm sorry I can't give you a clear answer, but it really depends on where you are. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!

Thank you so much! I am in Zone 8b. So I will keep it in the garage and water occasionally and hope for the best. It is a beautiful flowering plant - blooms all summer and fall!

You’re welcome. Fingers crossed!