Planting grass seed mid-November

Asked November 12, 2017, 9:17 PM EST

I live in Pikesville and neglected to plant the grass seed that I bought last month. It comes mixed with some kind of mulch. Is it better to plant it now (mid-November), with night-time temperatures close to freezing or below it, or to keep it in my unheated shed until the spring? Would it help to store it in the house? It is in a sealed plastic jug.

Baltimore County Maryland

3 Responses

It is too late to plant grass seed. The best time to sow grass seed is late August through mid October. If seed is sown later, you will be taking a chance on Mother Nature. When turf type tall fescue begins to grow, it is very susceptible to frost damage.

The second best time to seed is early March through April.
If you need to, you can sod as long as the soil is not frozen.


Can I use this seed next year? It is in the unopened plastic jug in which I purchased it. There is some sort of mulch mixed in with the seed? If it can be used next year, is it better to store it outdoors, in an unheated shed, or in my house?


You can use the seed within one year of purchase. As seed ages, the percentage of viable seed decreases, resulting in poor establishment.
You can store in the shed. Make sure it is not exposed to the elements outdoors.