Clothes moths at 8200'altitude?

Asked November 12, 2017, 4:32 PM EST

Hi, I read the site and understand there are rarely clothes moths at altitude. Yet I'm discovering tiny holes in my cashmeres. (Assuming clothes moths didn't come into my closet from something I bought elsewhere.) Is there something else that could be doing this? And if so, what can I do? Or can I just put the sweaters in a freezer for three days of in a microwave for a few minutes to kill the larvae of whatever it is?
Thank you so much.

Pitkin County Colorado

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Thank you for your question about your household insect problem. I think that the ‘they don’t live in high altitudes’ idea has been superceded by ‘they can be brought in from all over the world.’ Here is a link to a CSU Extension article about the moths that popular Colorado homes, with recommendations about their control: It is always helpful to have a photo of either the eggs or the winged insect for identification, but, as the article indicates, dry cleaning (admittedly a chemical treatment) may be the only remedy. I hope this is helpful. Good luck!