Equipment and baling cost (hay production)

Asked November 12, 2017, 7:21 AM EST

I recently purchased a 115 hp cab tractor and a freeman 3 string small square baler. A co-worker of mine is wanting to use my equilment on his farm next year. I am not a farmer and have no clue what to charge. I am looking to find a fair fee to charge. I am considering doing the work myself and also possibly renting the equipment. From what I can tell, there are several ways to charge, I.E. per acre, per bale, and per hr. Being completely new at this, I dont want to sound greedy, and I dont want to find out later I was ripped off. The hay crop will be alfalfa, alfalfa/grass, or grass.

Klamath County Oregon

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You might check with local tractor and implement dealers to see what they would charge you to rent similar size equipment as another starting point. Different charges will apply for size of job and is there road time in getting to and from the job, etc. Please call me at 541-447-6228. I need your email address to send you some information. I also will be meeting with some hay farmers tonight at a Central Oregon Hay Growers' Association meeting and will ask what rates they are charging.

Mylen Bohle
Area Extension Agronomist
Central Oregon
Oregon State University Extension Service
Crook County.

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