Most successful crops in Adair County

Asked November 10, 2017, 9:29 AM EST

Good morning I want to start nut and fruit orchards, berry patches and vegetable garden. What fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables thrive in Adair County? Thank you! Christy


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In Adair County, several individuals have great success with small fruits such as blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. I typically recommend the small fruit crops for backyard plantings. Of the three, blueberries can often be the most difficult as they require adjusting the pH to low levels. Strawberries perform well in our area too but do require additional maintenance. Fruit trees such as apple, peaches, pears, cherry, etc. grow well but do require an intensive spray schedule to control diseases and insects. Many growers lack the proper equipment to apply pest control products.

We have a minimal amount of nut trees that have been planted for production in the County but do have individuals with pecans that do quite well with an occasional insect infestation.

We can grow a wide assortment of vegetables. The most widely produced crop s include potatoes, cole crop, tomatoes, beans, cucurbits, sweet corn, etc. Any crop you find in this publication can be successfully grown in Adair County.

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