Buying Vegetable Seeds - Does it make a difference where you get it from

Asked November 9, 2017, 7:46 PM EST

Hello, Over the years, I've been buying vegetable seeds for my garden from places like Burpee and Baker Creek. I recently ordered some seeds from MIGardener (a guy who does a lot of gardening) because they are 99 cents and pretty cheap compared to Burpee, etc. The seeds are for the 2018 year and either come from his garden or (according to the website) from small family owned seed farms around the country. My question is - does it matter where you get it from in terms of quality. Thanks!

Howard County Maryland

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Professional seed dealers are certified by their state agricultural departments and must comply with their state rules, which include labels inclusive of data such as harvest and freshness dates, lot numbers and tested germination rates.
The dealers agree to inspections of their facility, which tests scales, labeling, etc.
A good company should be on the books in their state.
In the case of this supplier, you could call and ask them if they are compliant with MI seed law.
This is protective for you to get the best quality of seed, and often a decent level of service if/when you need it, from companies that take this route.
It is difficult to say however, that seed gotten in other ways may not be fine to use.