Cooking ingredients vs mail time

Asked November 9, 2017, 2:26 PM EST

My nephew is in the USArmy currently stationed in the middle east. To send Thanksgiving & Christmas

goodies, should I use oleo instead of butter because of longer mail times? And should cookies be crisp

instead of soft. I appreciate your experience and knowledge. Thank you.

Douglas County Colorado

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First of all this is great that you are wanting to send some homemade treats to your nephew. When I did it I added a little twist and put in something that my nephew had no idea what it was....PEZ candy and a dispenser. I also added a story about PEZ and how his Dad and I would get so excited on Sunday's when we could get our PEZ candy refills! So now PEZ has become his sugar high wherever he is stationed!
Onto your question: Clemson University Extension has a great handout on food gifts that are arrive in good food safe condition! I tried to add the document but Ask an Expert does not allow me to send you the pdf document . See if you can to to the site direction: