Apple and Walnut tree soil amenities

Asked November 9, 2017, 12:46 PM EST

Greetings! I'm hoping to grow about 10 apple tree and a couple of walnut trees in this soil. Could you advise on what I should put in and add (organic material as well) to the soil? Thinking the Persian Walnut and Jonathan and Honeycrisp apple trees. Thoughts and recommendations?

Newaygo County Michigan

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It would be a good idea to order a home and garden soil test mailer from MSU.
This test will cost $25 and you will receive via email recommendations on your ph,organic content of the soil and which and how much fertilizer to use to grow your trees. No good recommendation for fertilizer and soil amendments can happen without knowing what your soil composition is.
Persian walnut and English walnut are different names for the same tree. The sites I found selling English walnuts stated that they self pollinae but that 2 trees would increase yield.
Walnut trees produce a chemical in their roots called juglone which can be poisonous to some other types of plants. Online I was able to find that plums, pears are not affected by juglone but crabapples are. There was, oddly, no mention of apples in any of the lists that I found. The crabapples listing is worrisome as they are related to apples.
The recommendation for plants affected by juglone is that they need to be at least 50' from the roots of any walnut tree. The root zone in a mature tree is several feet beyond the drip line.

I would suggest that you study some apple tree catalogs online this winter, to determine which are the best varieties for you in your zone. New York grows a lot of apples and there are several companies selling trees selling trees in that state. Even if you don't buy online, you can use these people for information on the varieties most resistant to disease which is important for apples. Stark Brothers, for example, sells both apples and walnut trees. I would ask their opinion on recommended distance between walnut and apples trees.