when to harvest brussels sprouts

Asked November 8, 2017, 11:24 AM EST

Hi. I live in St Louis Park and still have 6 lovely Brussels sprouts plants in my garden. The leaves have wilted but the sprouts still look great. I was planning on leaving them in the ground until Thanksgiving week, then harvesting them to cook for Thanksgiving day. I know it is supposed to get quite cold on Friday night (low of about 10 degrees). We are going out of town on Sat Nov 11 for a week. Should I harvest them before I leave? If so, what is best way to keep them, leave sprouts attached to the stalk or remove? Put stalks or sprouts in fridge, put in unheated garage? Thanks for your help!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Brussels sprout harvested on the stalk will last a long time. I would cut down the stalks before it gets much colder and store them either in the refrigerator or in your garage. They should be good for Thanksgiving!

Thanks for your help!