cattle restraint question

Asked November 8, 2017, 9:04 AM EST

What is a lo tech way to restrain a tame but not halter-broke highland cow for veterinary exam of mouth/throat? We are considering use of welded cattle panels to form a "chute" but are worried that anchoring them to wooden posts will not hold an unhappy cow. Thanks.

Washington County Vermont

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Your plan should work. There is a list of old plans that can give you and idea about how to hold a cow for exam at a South Dakota State website.

You will need to look through the list for corals, head gates, and maternity pens. Plans are listed by number and not by plan type. The plans will show you post size to use.

If you build your own use a head gate with V shaped head catch.There are several companies that make a simple maternity pen with a head catch that can serve pretty well as a basic treatment and exam system.