Cut Fig Tree?

Asked November 7, 2017, 11:02 PM EST

This fig tree has been in Pigtown for some years in our .007 acre backyard. For years we annually cut it very short, then we left longer stalks. Last year we did not cut it back, and this year we had a fantastic crop. It is about 9 feet tall, and the pictured buds may be the only ones that did not fruit. Should we continue to not cut it back? If it keeps growing we may not be able to reach the fruit to harvest it or grow much else in the fig tree's shade. Thank you for your assistance.

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1 Response

Please read through our webpage on figs. It should be very helpful for you. You'll read that when the tree dies back to the ground in a hard frost, it takes it 2-3 years before it can grow back sufficiently to be able to produce fruit. So, cutting it back severely causes the same thing. Not pruning definitely was the trick to getting your figs.

You can continue to prune on a limited basis. You can decide what the tallest height is that you can handle. Keep in mind that you can let the tree get taller than you can reach--you just won't be able to reach all the figs, but you should be able to reach plenty for you.

Here is a Clemson University webpage with more specific pruning information: It explains how many shoots to let grow from the ground, and how far to prune back each year.