sedum slump

Asked November 7, 2017, 5:50 PM EST

my sedum plants no longer remain upright this year. They are a beautiful color but have flopped out from the middle. Some of last years stems are noticable. Do I need to remove more growth from the previous year next spring? cut them now to the ground? More fertilizer? more or less water? We have clay soil

Blue Earth County Minnesota

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Your sedum has become too big. It needs to be divided every so often. Next spring take a sharp shovel and cut right through the middle, maybe dividing it into four sections. Remove all the old dead stems and then plant allowing room for expansion. You will be pleased with the result by fall. It would help to mix in a generous amount of compost with your clay soil prior to planting. It will help with drainage and make it easier for your plant to root in. Also, the compost will add nutrition to the root area, which is what a new planting needs.