Mystery Plant

Asked November 7, 2017, 3:45 PM EST

Can you tell me the name of this Plant? It seems to be a vine plant...... This is the first year that these purple pods appeared............... Thanks

Clackamas County Oregon

2 Responses

Thank you for including the image with your inquiry. The purple structure is a seed pod of the chocolate vine, Akebia quinata, which also goes by the common names of five-leaf akebia or, simply, akebia. Akebia is available in two different forms – one with all green leaves, the other variegated (multicolored) leaves. Both are desirable ornamental vines which, if left to their own devices, may grow to anywhere between 20 and 40 feet long. (See Akebia quinata.)

The somewhat gelatinous structure inside the pod is edible. However, from what I have been told, it’s not very tasty and is chock-full of seeds – all those small dark spots.

Thank you for this information!