Mole problem and leaf removal.

Asked November 7, 2017, 1:44 PM EST

All of my neighbors & I have had extensive mole infestation on our lawns. Can we or should we do something at this point (November ) of the season? I have heard both that you should NOT & should remove leaves on the grass. What is your advice? I do not have many leafy trees (2 small trees) but I have neighbors who have lots of trees & lots of leafs.

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1 Response

You do not have to do anything about moles. They tend to inhabit an area for a while, eating the grubs (doing you a favor) and then move on. Do not waste you time and money on Grub-Ex or a similar product, because killing the grubs will not discourage the moles. Research proves they will just eat different soil organisms. Moles also aerate the soil (beneficial). Their tunnels will collapse naturally (and as mowers go over them). Moles do not harm plants. So, we advise just leaving them alone.

If you mow your leaves, they will easily decompose and feed your lawn. Many leaves will blow off and catch in beds, mulching the plants there. However, for people with very heavy leaf fall, this is only beneficial to a point. A heavy layer of leaves on turf, groundcovers, or other low plants, can block all light or keep them too wet and kill the plants. So, after mowing leaves a few times, those homeowners need to remove the rest of the leaves. They can be put in a pile to decompose over the winter and be used as nutrient-rich compost for plants the next year. Win-win.