Fruit trees

Asked November 7, 2017, 11:07 AM EST

Went to a seminar in Hart County last month and they were talking about planting local fruit trees. Where do you find the trees in this area?

Warren County Kentucky

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Thanks for contacting me about your inquiry.

I would recommend that you go through a recommended nursery source for purchasing fruit tree root stock. For homeowners, UK Cooperative Extension recommends getting a dwarf or semi-dwarf tree, so it is easier to prune, spray, and harvest fruit.

Below, I have provided a link to our fruit and nut cultivar nursery sources publication. Each cultivar name within the list is followed by a series of two letter abbreviations which specify nurseries that carry the cultivar. This is followed by a list of nursery addresses, phone numbers, e-mail and website addresses.

Feel free to contact me (Kristin Hildabrand) at the Warren County Cooperative Extension Service in Bowling Green at (270) 842-1681, if you would like more information.