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Asked November 7, 2017, 9:34 AM EST


I'd first like to ask you for your time, it's very appreciated.

Months ago, I put forth a nomination for an Honorary Degree (for somebody else) through the University of Michigan. Yesterday, I received notification that the nomination was rejected. Am I, as the one who made the nomination, entitled to a transcript of the Meeting in which the nomination was discussed & rejected?


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I know of no state law that specifically addresses a question like yours, and the Open Meetings Act is unlikely to apply.

The Board of Regents at UM is a "public body" as defined in the Act, so must provide minutes of their meetings (and they are available online here, Minutes are not required to be, nor are they typically, complete transcripts of meeting discussion. If the Honorary Degree decision met the definition of effectuating or formulating public policy (most would say it does not), then the decision, and perhaps some comments on the discussion would be in the minutes. The Act also makes an exception which states that it does "not apply to a committee of a public body that adopts a nonpolicymaking resolution of tribute or memorial, which resolution is not adopted at a meeting." So, if the Board itself made the decision, it would at best show in minutes as a vote to grant or reject.

If this decision is made by University staff as part of their assigned tasks, and since it does not make policy for the University, then the Open Meetings Act would not apply.

You can read the entire Open Meetings Act here: