Rezoning Mobile Home Park

Asked November 7, 2017, 8:31 AM EST

If a community's vision of a property is Mixed Residential on their Future Land Use map and Master Plan, can the Planning Commission initiate a rezoning? I understand the current use (only 6 remaining mobile homes) would be non-conforming.
Are there laws protecting these parks from rezonings? The community does have other mobile home areas currently.

Iosco County Michigan community planning and zoning rezoning mobile home park

1 Response

The planning commission has the right to initiate a rezoning. You are correct, the remaining mobile homes would become legal, non-conforming (assuming the new zoning mixed residential zone does not allow mobile homes). There should be no legal problems if you allow them in other districts. Many communities, to avoid legal issues around the type of home (you cannot legally "discriminate" against housing types such as stick built vs. modular vs. mobile home) do not directly address mobile homes. Rather, they set regulations such as minimum width and/or square foot requirements that are greater than mobile homes (effectively banning them) but these regulations apply to all types of homes. This regulation does not work well in areas that 1) are very rural and wish to allow for very small cabins for hunting and 2) areas that want to allow for the new trend in "micro" or "mini" homes.