Cactus disease (or not?)

Asked November 7, 2017, 6:55 AM EST

Hi, at thw two photos I am sending you can see the problem of my cactus. Its been like that 2-3 years. Is there something I can do? Thanks a lot anyway.

Outside United States cactus

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Hello, I cannot really tell from the pictures, but it does not look like a disease or a pest insect problem. It may be what we call edema, a blistering on the surface from irregular watering. Cactus are typically exposed to water at uneven intervals, but sometimes they receive more water than they can process, and the plants get these blister like scabs on the surface. It makes it look a bit unsightly, but will not kill the plant. You may want to try to start a new plant from a cutting. Thank you for contacting Cooperative Extension, Nancy