Kukulcania hibernalis

Asked November 6, 2017, 10:24 PM EST

We live in central Tx. I love spiders, have at various times kept as many as 27 tarantulas. Now however, I have only the K hibernalis that live on/in the kitchen ceiling. The sexual dimporphism fascinates me, but one of the things that I have not heen able to figure out is - where do the males go to hang out when they are not out chasing the girls? The females seem to each have a "territory" ( about 12 -18" apart), and I have not seen any evidence that the males are being eaten. I do buy crickets and feed the girls sometimes, & I have caught a few of the males & kept them in cages for a short time - I have NEVER seen one of the males eat anthing! Do they eat? Also, given the males physical resemblance to L. reclusa, is there anything to worry about in that regard? My husband thinks I am completely nuts with regard to the spider thing! I have absolutely NO IDEA what is meant by the "file" thing. I am doing this on my cell phone.

Travis County Texas

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While I do not specialize in arachnids, I can make the general assumption that the males are predaceous on other arthropods like the females are. They would "hang out" in hidden locations when they are not "out chasing girls". The males look similar to recluse spiders, but they tend to be larger in size and have a different eye pattern that you can use to differentiate the spiders. While the spiders are capable of biting, generally they do not cause problems like a recluse spider may.